Your smart technology partner in a changing world

Your smart technology partner
in a changing world

“I support a number of schools in Suffolk, one of which had expanded rapidly over the last few years. They had enjoyed a troubled association with a standard on-premise PBX using ISDN channels. This was insufficient for their needs and it became apparent that change was needed. With help from ADEPT I put together a successful bid to the controlling Academy Trust to move to an IP based 3CX system hosted on the Internet. The system would provide a greater number of extensions, better management, more facilities and made use of a 100Mbs fibre broadband connection the school already had. The 3CX system had good reviews and provided exactly what the school needed at a good price. The installation went very well with ADEPT holding our hands all the way. We did have issues before installation porting the main number and after installation with the broadband provider. Both issues were resolved with some great support from the team at ADEPT. I cannot stress the importance of good support on a project like this and I can say Adept were always available and quick to respond.”

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