Your smart technology partner in a changing world

Your smart technology partner
in a changing world

Password Management Services

81% of data breaches are due to default or stolen passwords.

51% of people reuse passwords across business and personal accounts.

69% of people share passwords with colleagues to access accounts.

Passwords pose the greatest security risk to your business. Users often need to remember many passwords, and this can be difficult manage. Users often lean on writing passwords down in insecure places, reusing passwords and sharing passwords with those who shouldn’t know them.

Adept provides a comprehensive password manager solution which allows centralized management of passwords across your organization. Users log into the password manager and access their own passwords as well as authorized shared passwords within their team.

  1. Prevent password-related data breaches and cyber threats
  2. Boost employee productivity
  3. Enforce password policies and procedures
  4. Minimal training, fast time-to-security
  5. Improve employee security awareness and behaviour

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