Your smart technology partner in a changing world

Your smart technology partner
in a changing world

Cyber Essentials

Cyber-Essentials is a foundational cyber-security compliance assessment encouraging businesses to adopt best-practice with cyber-security. Released by the UK government in 2014, Cyber-Essentials creates a cost-effective starting point that businesses can use to level up their Cyber-Security posture.

As a Cyber-Essentials-Plus certified organization ourselves, Adept can help you achieve Cyber-Essentials compliance.

  1. Effective – Protects your organization from up to 98.5% of cyber threats.
  2. Recognised – Build trust with your clients and show them you take cyber-security seriously.
  3. Opportunity Creation – Apply for public sector tenders and work with cyber concerned clients.
  4. Insurance – Free cyber insurance with every certification. May also reduce insurance costs.

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