Your smart technology partner in a changing world

Your smart technology partner
in a changing world

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A Managed Service provider can help take your business operations to the next level. However, finding the right Managed Service provider to match your needs and future plans isn’t always easy. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when choosing a Managed Service provider for your organisation.

1. They respond quickly to your calls and/or support tickets. Every company has different processes, and response times vary.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and request evidence: what are their average response times? What software to they use? What qualifications does their team have? All of this information will help you decide whether they are the right Managed Service provider for your business.

2. They are an MSP and not just a repair service

The difference between a Managed Service provider and a standard IT repair service is key. Can you trust you MSP to give the right advice, insight and support when you are ready to grow or reduce the size of your business? Your MSP can help with day-to-day IT problems, but they also work with you to deliver your business goals.

3. Their team is qualified and, therefore, can be trusted to work with your most important business assets.

Your Managed Service Provider should offer access to a team of highly trained and experienced technicians. They should ensure that your IT infrastructure is available when and where you need it, do they offer any out of hours support?

4. They monitor your network 24 hours a day to act on any issues before they cause IT interruptions or downtime whenever possible?

Your MSP should recognise that any disruption to your business, no matter how small, can cost money. For that reason, it’s paramount that they prioritise your business operations and fix any issues with the highest priority and skill.

5. They are sensitive to your budget for the IT services you require

A good IT service provider will offer services that you can predictably budget for. Your MSP should offer a customised package of services for a fixed monthly fee that you can count on.

6. They ensure you have a highly secure IT environment.

They should use best-in-class technologies ensuring you are protected by the best and latest solutions. They should also help you maintain IT security compliance for industry and government regulations.

7. They review and advise and can provide proper setup Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Your MSP should have both onsite and offsite cloud backups to ensure you can always access your IT even if your office is closed due to a storm or other disaster. Plus, they should offer continuous backups and testing to ensure your data is easily recoverable.

8. They ensure that proactive support is ongoing so you can have the peace of mind that your IT network will run as it should.

This way you can focus on your core competencies rather than worry about technology issues.

9. They offer many different services and solutions you can choose from.

This includes things like Cloud services, VoIP communications platform, WiFi services, virtual IT Director services and more. Only with a variety of services can they provide the customised information technology solutions that best fit your needs.

10. And, most importantly, they make your success their priority.

They get to know your business and your goals. How can you tell if they’ll do this? Ask them about their clients and the success rate they experienced by using the services they provide. Any company that’s provided success for its customers will gladly be willing to share their stories and references.

There’s no doubt that finding the right IT Service Provider can be a daunting task. But armed with this information you should be able to find the right fit for your business. Ready to find out if Adept CTS is the perfect match for your organisation? Get in touch today: