Your smart technology partner in a changing world

Your smart technology partner
in a changing world

Malware Protection

Malicious software (malware) like viruses, ransomware and keyloggers pose significant risk to your businesses information systems, threatening the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your sensitive data.

Adept provides advanced device malware protection to guard your devices against these threats from multiple attack vectors. Our solution is centrally managed and integrated into our ProActive IT support package. This empowers us with maximum visibility, alerts and monitoring to protect your systems.

  1. Real-time protection – Live protection of your device and files.
  2. Web protection – Blocks malicious websites and web-content.
  3. Anti-phishing – Blocks websites trying to steal your password.
  4. Email protection – Scans emails for dangerous content.
  5. Website blocking – Block staff from accessing undesirable websites by category or name.

To find out more about our malware protection services, get in touch with our team today.

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